About Us



Ashley Walds
Founder & Head Coach

Ms. Gerrie
Assistant Director

Mr. Calvin Walds
Academic Coach






It's time to get our kids swimming!

Our summer camp emphasizes the  development of young people through swimming instruction and a focus on physical fitness. We  provide support for personal and intellectual development through culturally relevant instruction in literacy, mathematics, and leadership skills.

Our organization is committed to proper water safety and swim instruction. Our leaders work throughout the year designing the summer program.

Breathe’s leaders personally designed the curriculum using their extensive knowledge and diverse experiences in youth development, education, and program establishment.

Breathe’s leaders all have backgrounds in literacy and mathematics curriculum and will provide engaging, relevant, personalized, and grade-appropriate education for program participants. Embedded in the instruction is an emphasis on leadership and social skills to equip these youth with the skills necessary for experiencing the various cultural and community offerings in Detroit.

 Exposure to cultural events can provide invaluable inspiration for committing young people to the city of Detroit.

Breathe is strongly committed to fostering healthy relationships with parents and guardians and will work to ensure that they have opportunities to participate in their youth’s acquisition of skills in water safety, swimming, and leadership.